Here are a few things we've recorded...

The Temporary

Our second single ever.


  • Robert Balfour - Vocals, Electric Guitar
  • Chris Thomson - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Mixing
  • Chris Cope - Bass
  • Erik Peterson - Drums
  • Mastered by Denis Blackham (

"Commitment is a funny thing, in that it isn't really funny at all, but the more serious it gets, the more you have to laugh. Things aren't ever this or that - they're both and. It's maybe a consequence of written language that we can't hold opposing models in the same space. Maybe we need to grow past that. Maybe opposites attract and repel, and that's more precisely the spell."

Minute Steak

Our first proper single.


  • Robert Balfour - Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Chris Thomson - Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar, Keys, Mixing
  • Chris Cope - Bass
  • Erik Peterson - Drums, Backing Vocals
  • Julie Baptie - Trumpets
  • Mastered by Denis Blackham (

"It’s a post-naughties study into the psychological conflict arising from the synchronous occurrence of the metabolic processes associated with arousal and sleep, and the implications this conflict has on the classical male-female relationship. Also, it isn’t about minute steak. That’s just slang for a quickie."


A demo (with wings), recorded in 2014. An ode to nature, and human nature.


  • Robert Balfour - Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Ukulele, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drums
  • Chris Thomson - Backing Vocals, Bass, Percussion, Electric Guitar, Keys, Pads, Melodica, Mixing
  • Stewart Grains - Fiddle


Stewart Grains, Stevie Hook & Amanda Pearson, Arthur Nicholson, Roy Tait, Jordan Clark, Michael Williamson, Ann & Ian Thomson, Shona Tait, Nicolle Mullay.

We'll Say Goodnight

A peerie lullaby we kinda just wrote.